Throat cancer diagnosis | What are the symptoms of throat cancer?

Throat cancer diagnosis | What are the symptoms of throat cancer?

Throat cancer diagnosis :

Diagnosis of throat cancer: throat cancer, also known as head and neck cancer. What are your symptoms? How can we recognize this? If you have this problem now, how will you know you have cancer or some common problem that happens for no reason? So, at that time, how will you recognize throat cancer, what are its causes, what are its symptoms? All of this information will be included in today’s post.

Why does throat cancer happen? | Causes of throat cancer

  • People who use tobacco or constantly smoke (such as bidi, cigarette), there are more reasons for this in people.
  • If a patient is exposed to more toxins, well, a lot of people say we don’t smoke beedis or cigarettes or eat tobacco. Can you still have cancer? The answer is that you can still get cancer. And this happens because if we are constantly exposed to certain chemicals, this problem can be seen. Or you may also have this problem.

Throat Cancer Identification – If we talk about the symptoms, what symptoms can we see and how will we recognize that they are the symptoms of throat cancer.

Symptoms of throat cancer

  • If the patient’s weight is continuously decreasing, even if 10 kg are reduced in a month, in such a condition you should consult a doctor; if the voltage drops, it will become different. In such a situation, weight loss is again considered common. For example, if someone does not consume enough food and drink, weight loss is a common problem. But this patient has some kind of throat related problem like constant sore throat, sudden change in patient’s voice, sudden weight loss, blood coming out of mouth, patient has repeated blisters in the stuffy. Which are not cured with normal drugs, no matter how much the patient consumes these drugs, but there is no relief.
  • If the patient has problems or pain while eating or drinking water, the patient initially has no problem consuming liquid foods. But eating solid foods causes problems. But after a few days, when this problem gets worse, one gets a sore throat even when drinking water.
  • Also, if the patient’s voice is constantly changing, in such a situation you should consult your doctor. Because the risk of developing laryngeal cancer is high.
  • Additionally, there is swelling of penile fluid around the patient’s throat. So, at this stage, these are the symptoms by which we can identify if we have throat cancer or a joint problem.

Important advice for the patient

When we eat the food it gets stuck in the throat or gets stuck, if it looks like this or doesn’t have the same symptoms, sometimes we also experience hearing loss or feel it, but it’s not cancer of the throat. But if other symptoms are also observed, we must be careful. Such as weight loss, excessive itching, voice change, mouth bleeding, frequent blistering, you should contact your doctor immediately.

Which test should be done – detection of throat cancer

  • In this one, it’s called a city exploration test.
  • Additionally, if you have thyroid-related issues, a thyroid function test (TFT) and thyroid ultrasound may also be done.
  • If we are talking about survival, then it is in the first stage, so there is a survival rate of 95%. Moreover, if the patient is in the fourth stage, his survival rate will become very low, reaching a rate of 5-6%. So in such a condition, we must find out as soon as possible that he sees these symptoms. Therefore, you should consult your doctor in advance.

Identification of throat cancer – Talking about the treatment, there are three types of treatment in it.

  • One is – Medicinal
  • The second is – surgical
  • The third is chemotherapy
  • Fourth is – Radiation

It depends on what stage the patient is at. And what was his cancer like, what is the reason for it and where is the cancer spreading in this patient. These are different ways of dealing with them. It entirely depends on the stage in which the patient is. If the patient is in the first stage, we can easily cure him. Otherwise, if he is in the fourth stage, it is very difficult to cure the patient. Because it’s spread a lot.


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