Anemia – Causes – Symptoms And Treatment

What is anemia? Anemia is derived from the Greek word meaning “no blood” and is a condition of insufficient red blood cells or hemoglobin. As a result, the body lacks the ability to receive oxygen. The three main types of anemia are: Excessive blood loss or acute blood loss is called bleeding. Excessive destruction of blood cells is called hemolysis. Read More

10 High Protein Vegetarian Foods

High Protein Vegetarian Foods : If you are a vegetarian and are seeking advice on how to add protein to your diet. For example, you will often see suspicious expressions and standard reactions. “Why didn’t you start eating eggs?” Many vegetarian foods are rich in protein, which can help you stay healthy without going to the egg counter. Here are Read More

7 Ways To Stay Fit And Improve Your Life

Stay Fit : The term “physical function” refers to the ability of the human body to function without excessive stress, that is, enough energy to work and play, and to respond to physical stress with awareness and agility, alertness, endurance and strength. Heart rate and blood pressure are good indicators of your health. In addition to these basic metrics, your Read More

Brain Tumor : Symptoms, and Causes

Our brain is where everything is. All our thoughts and actions are the products of our brains. So naturally, the idea of a disease that affects the brain is terrible. Brain cancer is a rare but destructive cancer, accounting for 2% of all cancers in the world. Brain cancer refers to abnormal growth and division of brain cells. Brain tumors Read More

6 Natural Way Fight Depression, Stress, and Anxiety

Depression : Depression, stress, and anxiety are common. But the serious problems faced by many men and women in today’s society! It begins with all the hustle and bustle, and ends with all possible ways of ruining your life. Loss of power, loss of self-esteem, and separation from society These are some of the symptoms that people with depression experience Read More

Allergic Shiners – Symptoms, Causes, and Treatment

Allergic Shiners : There are different types of allergies, and millions of people all over the world suffer from unpleasant and unfortunate symptoms every day. Although one in five adults in the United States has nasal allergies. Surprisingly, this problem has not yet been diagnosed and treated. Some allergic reactions can be so severe that they can cause dark circles Read More

Hair Loss in Women – Causes, Symptoms

Hair Loss in Women : Although most men are prone to hair loss. But it is generally believed that women should not lose their hair. This is an amazing achievement. Most suffering women feel confused and embarrassed when they encounter this situation. 1 in 2 women will experience some weight loss in their lifetime. Therefore, it is more common than Read More