7 steps for naturally healthy hair

7 steps for naturally healthy hair

Healthy hair :

Where is my hair? After graduating from the beauty major, I have a basic understanding of hair. I realized that my hair is different from when I was a child. Whether it is density and length or length, I mean not knowing where my hair is. For many people around me, my friends, my family, and the women in the supermarket, this is an undeniable problem.

If your hair is healthy, your hair can grow up to 1 inch per month. Why are many people worrying about long hair? Most people have relaxed. Therefore, the culprits are unintentional chemical services and unhealthy hair. Because I am committed to the overall health of my hair.

Therefore (and our pursuit of hair), I went beyond theory and started to study the chemical basis of foundation products we happily dabble in every six to eight weeks. This discovery reveals seven key principles of healthy hair. This is now the main idea to achieve and maintain beautiful, natural and healthy hair.

  1. Strength lies in curly hair. When I researched, I began to understand that relaxation is not created equal. And it is not a medicine that can be used accurately every time or has superior professional skills. As a master stylist, I have experienced the worst moments when a stylist needs to rest. I know you may have heard that I hope it’s not “Your ending is about to break. (This is a serious hair challenge), so you need a hair straightener.” Does this make sense to you? I have hair loss, so I use chemicals. Ironically, damaged hair ends are a direct sign of unhealthy hair.

2. Precise hair cutting helps maintain the moisture, length and strength of the hair. Physical changes such as combing, styling, blow drying, and ceramic styling may affect hair from root to tip. Improper use of daily tools may affect how often you cut your hair.

But the most important thing is to cut your hair (pruning) in the garden to make it flourish. Ongoing research shows that the strength lies in curling-it resonates with me. So I created my motto: the closer I am to my natural state, the healthier, cleaner and stronger I will be.

Therefore, the best potential of healthy hair lies in its natural state. This revelation prompted me to find the best way to keep my hair natural. Maintenance is an ongoing issue, and most customers seem to be struggling to follow nature trails. I know that customers don’t want to worry about changing their style because of the social isolation caused by wet or hot weather, gray hair, dry hair, or wearing certain styles.

3. One of them is different. As the product performance director, I learned through research that by using ceramic fusion without the use of chemicals, hair can function, maintain and achieve optimal health. These contradictory compounds cannot coexist. Taking a vacation is an easy decision. If you can have the best hair health (I found my hair!) No chemicals. The obvious is to relax.

4. It is not just irons and brushes that many stylists use ceramic fusion. This is nothing new in the beauty industry. However, Ceramic Fusion’s natural hair straightening technology can increase moisture. The cuticle seals and controls the hair texture without damaging the hair like flat irons and Marcel combs.

Healthy hair
Healthy hair

5. Steam therapy, a unique conditioning therapy that combines multiple conditioners to balance, eliminate dandruff, moisturize, protect and strengthen natural hair. It is the basis of this process. This technique is more than just picking up a brush and using an ion hair dryer. Need good product layering and use good tools. The revelation of success lies in the actual technology, consistency and knowledge of the technology.

6. Soft semi-permanent hair dye is the safest and most accurate method of dyeing hair. It can be dyed without excessive treatment. I think every woman tries to use a set of permanent dyes to get feminine colors out of the box every time. But we found that our hair was dry and brittle, and the color turned white or cloudy.

This is not how we look or feel like we think it is. The color of the barrel enhances the natural tone by creating depth, luster and sparkle. With permanent and semi-permanent bleach (bleach) or even henna, the pH may be too high. (The legendary safety dye) will break the hair

7. New hair, because chemicals are part of the hair problem. Use a wide range of products to better serve natural customers. Hair and scalp analysis should be performed to understand past and current hair and scalp conditions and estimates.

This is necessary to determine what challenges and/or diseases the client may have, such as dryness, crusting, greasiness or possible dermatitis. Understanding this history of hair will allow stylists to customize cleansers and conditioners that best suit your hair’s unique needs.

The four goals of custom cleansers and conditioners should be: remove residue, restore balance, and maintain moisture. And to increase the strength she realized that she only needed a cleanser to remove the buildup of hair products and conditioner to soften it.

Because of fear, natural hair has a bad reputation. Bad routine regular hair care and shame, but now you know 7 secrets that can help anyone who wants to have naturally beautiful and healthy hair. I must be strong to be beautiful. Your hair is naturally healthier. Reject everything they tell you. You, yes, you can have beautiful and natural hair with the right techniques and tools: rich and permissive.

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