Meditation – The Secret to Meditation You’ve Been Waiting

Meditation – The Secret to Meditation You’ve Been Waiting

Meditation :

As a meditation teacher, I heard countless students apologize for not meditating last week. They want to do it. They know they can use it. They didn’t, at least not systematically.

Some things always seem to be annoying: they need more sleep. They must take the dog for a walk. The children woke up. They must be late for work or meet early. They feel too anxious, worried or irritableā€¦ unable to meditate. This seems important, they have to do it. Do many other things. However, none of these things can provide the peace of mind they need.

Obviously, meditation is about changing your relationship with all events, troubles, and troubles in your life. Routines like eating, sleeping, and brushing your teeth create a relaxed, healthier, more meaningful, and more meaningful lifestyle. This is an effective way to achieve the inner peace that we all desire. What is the secret to turning excuses into actions?

  • The answer is: you must have a strong “why?”
  • Where did you find your reason?
  • The answer may surprise you.
  • The trick is body awareness.

Your body is not only a machine for all activities in your life, it is also a very sensitive biofeedback system.

Your body will tell you what is good and how much to eat. When you want to relax When you want to relax and have fun When you want to wake up and do activities When you want to be alone, please contact us, get close to nature and spend time meditating. It connects you with what, when, why and how much. If you pay attention

In our context this connects you to why you might want to meditate. If you are careful, at least he might do so. But how often do you rest and pay attention to your body’s signals? How often do you stop feeling what he says to you?

Why don’t you

First, we have a culture that supports the opposite. We recommend that you focus on the outdoors instead of indoors. We encourage you to do your best. We encourage the collection of as many products and wealth, information and sensory information as possible from the external environment.

We encourage us to respond quickly and discourage spending time seeking thoughtful answers. We have the conditions for quick interaction and slogans in news and social media. We are impatient with things that take time, walk, walk, walk until we have no strength to move on.

Do you feel this weakness?

But are you worried about what will happen after you quit? Are you worried about being abandoned and neglected? At some point, you may decide that you don’t want to live like this anymore. When do you reach this point or should it be earlier? Take time to pay attention to yourself. Pay attention to how these thoughts, behaviors, worries, accumulations, and stimuli affect you.

Is there an alternative?

Meditation creates a new way of being.

Meditation stops constantly thinking and acting. Let your body relax deeply, which you may not be able to do during restless sleep. Mindful relaxation during meditation can release the tension that has been generated in your consciousness during the past 24 hours. Over the years in your life, it will gradually dissolve the emotional and psychological patterns that push you into the hamster wheel that is constantly moving. Calm your mental chatter

Now when you start to meditate, you may not notice the soothing, calming and calming effects. You can be more aware of how busy your mind is. How conflicted are your emotions? And how tense your body is if you abuse your body due to excessive stress for a long time. The first moment of body awareness in meditation can be very bad.

Or you may feel little or nothing. Your thoughts, actions, and attempts to do what you think “should” or “should” distract you. You may lose sensitive sensations and feelings. Without any external stimuli bothering you, you will feel bored.

However, when faced with straightforwardness, directness, gentleness, and lack of judgment, one will feel bored or numb. As it does in meditation. It can remind you how much you need to motivate in other ways.

If you notice this signal and stop sitting down, stop breathing, and carefully observe what is happening inside you. The stress will begin to relax and your vital senses will be awakened. When you relax, body awareness can tell you how tired your lifestyle is.

If you pay attention to what your body says, you may find that not everything you are after is as important as it seems. You may find that you don’t want to be bothered by endless activities. The anxiety and anxiety of human hamsters are gone. You can be inspired to make new decisions that reflect the deepest desires of your soul.

Meditation invites you to live a relaxed, healthy, meaningful and focused lifestyle. If you pay attention, your body will tell you how important this is.

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