How to stop hair fall

How to stop hair fall

How to stop hair fall :

Hair fall has become a common problem in today’s time, in view of this problem, Hair Loss is sharing this post for you with full detail and deep knowledge. Hair fall occurs due to many reasons, we will tell all those reasons as well as how you can stop hair fall or reduce the speed of hair fall.

You should include Gluten Free Diet in your diet because eating gluten-rich foods causes problems in the digestion system and your hair will fall even when the stomach is upset. You can increase height by taking good exercise and nutritious diet.

Some people become completely bald in their youth and some people gradually lose their hair, so today we will know why hair loss happens, how to stop hair fall? By the way, when your hair fall starts happening very fast, then home remedies do not work, so along with home remedies, we will also tell you the scientific reason behind hair fall.

How to stop hair fall Loss

Although there is no one reason for hair fall, but if we know our routine and the root cause of hair fall, then they can be stopped.

1. Remove Dandruff from Hair

Friends, if your genetics is good and your family members have good hair growth, then still your hair loss is happening, then there is a high chance that there is a lot of dandruff in your scalp and dandruff also plays an important role in hair fall.

To remove dandruff from your head, you can make a paste of curd and lemon and apply it on your scalp and after 15 to 20 minutes you can wash your hair well with any natural shampoo, this will gradually end your dandruff but remember You should do this work for 5 to 6 days.

2. (Stress) Do not take stress at all

If you are a student or doing a job, then there is work pressure on you, but always keep one thing in mind that all things in life look good only when your mind is calm, that’s why you should pay attention to Spirituality, you can do Yoga. can also do.

When you remain stress free then the problem of hair fall gradually goes away, you must have seen saints and sadhus that they become very old, yet their hair is very healthy, one of the main reasons for this is that they remain stress free. .

3. Give adequate amount of Vitamins to the body

You all know that our body needs many types of vitamins and for a healthy body and thick hair, you should fulfill the requirement of vitamins and when your body will get all the minerals and vitamins then Hair Fall Control. Will be done.

4. Exercise Daily

Exercising daily also stops your hair fall because by exercising in the root of the hair, blood flow increases and you should also know that all the nutrients that reach all our body parts reach through the blood only and when If all the nutrients reach your hair, then your hair will become healthy.

In exercise, you can do Balayam, Pushups, Chest Workout and Running, after doing all these exercises, you will sweat and there will be many bacteria in your hair, so wash your hair thoroughly with cold water. By exercising daily, your fat will be lost and body weight will also be reduced.

5. Eat a nutritious diet

You can exercise as much as you want or apply the best shampoo, if your body is not nourished from inside, then your hair fall will not stop, that is why nutritious foods should be included in your diet.

When you include a good diet in your diet, you will not see its benefits immediately, gradually you will see an improvement in your skin quality and hair quality.

6. Don’t let the scalp get infected

If you have an infection in your scalp then your hair will start falling 100% if you feel that you have an infection in your scalp then you should see a good doctor And only a good doctor can recognize hair diseases.

7. See a Good Dermatologist

If the problem of your hair breakage is not decreasing then you should consult a good Dermatologist because they are specialized hair doctors and they will first find out the reason for your hair breakage and then tell its treatment.

A Dermatologist specializes in correcting problems related to hair issues, skin and if your hair loss is not decreasing after lakhs of efforts, then definitely visit a doctor.

Home remedies to stop hair fall Home Remedies For Hair Loss

Now I am telling you some home remedies below, which you can adopt once, if you are allergic to any of the things that I am telling, then do not adopt that recipe, now let’s see the recipe.

  • Eat one to two gooseberries daily because amla contains vitamin C and by using it, your hair will be healthy naturally.
  • Make a paste of henna and fenugreek powder and apply it on your hair and after drying for a while, wash it with clean cold water, doing this regularly can reduce your hair fall in a few days.
  • You can also use lemon and coconut, in this you can mix lemon juice and some coconut oil and massage it on the skin of the hair, this can also remove the problem of your hair breakage.
  • Applying onion juice will increase the blood flow to your scalp and it can also increase hair growth.
How to stop hair fall
How to stop hair fall

FAQ About Hair Fall

1. How to stop hair fall?

If you want to stop hair fall then don’t let dandruff happen, stay stress free, give enough vitamins to the body and improve your diet.

2. Which oil to apply to stop hair fall?

First of all let me tell you that no oil can stop hair fall, it helps in maintaining the name of your hair.

3. What to eat to stop hair fall?

You can eat amla, orange and seasonal fruits to prevent hair fall.

4. Deficiency of which vitamin causes hair fall?

Hair fall is mainly due to deficiency of Vitamin B3 and Vitamin E.

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