How to Lose Belly Fat | Can Laser Liposuction Actually Help You Lose Fat?

How to Lose Belly Fat | Can Laser Liposuction Actually Help You Lose Fat?

How to Lose Belly Fat :

We all want to lose belly fat and get a flat belly. But the amount of exercise and diet required to have a strong belly is beyond most of us. As we age, our metabolism will slow down after 30 years. And it is much more difficult to lose belly fat.

Those of us who are engaged in sedentary work that does not involve strenuous exercise. Experience the relaxation of abdominal muscles. This usually grips the contents of the stomach tightly to form a flat stomach. When we gain weight, our muscles relax. We will have a bulging abdomen or abdomen.

It is difficult for women with children to lose belly fat, and the abdomen is flat. I have met hundreds of healthy, health-conscious and active women in the office. Doing all of them right will not reduce belly fat caused by pregnancy. Abdominal straps or smaller abdominal folds can help many people get a flatter abdomen. But many people do not need surgery and surgery-related scars.

The new laser liposuction technology provides an efficient and minimally invasive surgery for patients who want to reduce abdominal fat and flatten abdomen. In many cases, this is as effective as tummy tuck

What are the causes of belly fat and Fat Stomach

There are several factors that can cause fat on the tummy, tummy or tummy. Laser liposuction can remove the subcutaneous fat in the abdomen and harden the sagging skin of the abdomen. However, laser liposuction cannot compress the abdomen or muscles. Your abdominal muscles are contracting your abdominal muscles. You need to do abdominal or abdominal exercises.

Laser liposuction also cannot remove belly fat. Abdominal fat is called eccentric fat. The area around the intestines. If you are severely overweight or obese, only eating the right foods can help you lose belly fat.

The several causes of belly fat or a fat tummy or pot belly are:

Belly fat plays a very important role in survival. Fat stores energy to provide nutrition when we do not get enough food. Therefore, fat is a survival mechanism during starvation. Fat is stored in the lymphatic structure of the abdomen. Lymph surrounds and supports our intestines.

When we are overweight or obese, the lymph contains a lot of fat. When there is excess abdominal fat in the lymph, the fat pushes and stretches the abdominal muscles. And to create a big belly. Only diet or calorie restriction can ensure that belly fat is used for energy production and loss.

Abdominal wall relaxation: The abdominal muscles called the abdomen (abdominal wall) are used to support our intestines and abdomen. After weight gain, pregnancy, and no significant exercise, these muscles can stretch and relax.

When the abdominal muscles or abdominal wall lose their sound, stretch or relax the contents in the abdomen to push the abdominal wall forward. And to create a thick abdominal or abdominal wall tension, which helps restore the tension of the abdomen or abdominal muscles, which can be achieved through abdominal exercises and abdominal muscle conditioning or abdominal lifting or abdominal lifting.

Abdominal subcutaneous fat: The subcutaneous fat in the abdomen also stores fat. This type of fat is called subcutaneous (subcutaneous) fat, and most people are usually about 1/2 inch thick. When we gain weight and have too much fat, this layer of fat under the skin becomes thicker. Sometimes up to 4 or 5 inches thick. Laser liposuction is a very effective method of removing subcutaneous fat.

Abdominal skin sagging: multiple pregnancy and repeated weight gain Stretch the abdominal skin to relax the abdominal or abdominal skin. The biggest advancement of laser liposuction is the ability of the laser to tighten the skin on the stomach. Previous liposuction techniques can remove fat. But after removing the fat, let the skin on the abdomen or abdomen remain loose. Using laser liposuction During laser lipolysis, the heat from the laser stretches the skin.

How to Lose Belly Fat
How to Lose Belly Fat

Laser Liposuction to Lose Belly Fat and Flatten the Stomach

Because fiber laser liposuction will dissolve fat in a thin liquid. Therefore, getting rid of fat is much easier. This allows the surgeon to use a very small tube or cannula to draw fat from the skin around the abdomen.

Therefore, all that is needed is a small hole that is usually placed on the belly button. Means very small scars that are almost invisible. After laser liposuction, the skin will become smooth without the unevenness and body deformities that are common in traditional liposuction.

In my experience, this new firming technique is great. For patients who are healthy and weigh less than me, I can use laser body sculpting to show the true shape of the abdominal muscles after treatment. In the words of one of my patients: “My six pack abs is back.”

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