Meditation – The Secret to Meditation You’ve Been Waiting

Meditation : As a meditation teacher, I heard countless students apologize for not meditating last week. They want to do it. They know they can use it. They didn’t, at least not systematically. Some things always seem to be annoying: they need more sleep. They must take the dog for a walk. The children woke up. They must be late Read More

Hair Loss in Women – Causes, Symptoms

Hair Loss in Women : Although most men are prone to hair loss. But it is generally believed that women should not lose their hair. This is an amazing achievement. Most suffering women feel confused and embarrassed when they encounter this situation. 1 in 2 women will experience some weight loss in their lifetime. Therefore, it is more common than Read More

Hyperthyroidism – Symptoms, Causes, Treatment

Hyperthyroidism : The general message is that there is no complete cure for this disease. Although it has been proven wrong in some cases. Eliminating all symptoms is not necessarily classified as a cure. But in order to continue to lead a normal life, these symptoms are usually treated with prescription drugs. However, radiopharmaceuticals or surgery are not safe. There Read More

Arthritis – The Best Healing Power Food

Arthritis and joint inflammation often cause other diseases. When arthritis invades the body, the joints become inflamed and painful. At the same time exercise is more difficult. Lack of exercise will not only increase weight. But it also increases cholesterol, blood pressure, etc. There is no panacea or cure for arthritis. The best result is a change in diet and Read More

Thyroid Disease Testing – 5 Tips for Proper Diagnosis

Thyroid Disease Testing : Are your thyroid and adrenal gland diseases neglected or abused? It is estimated that more than 60 million people currently suffer from undiagnosed hypothyroidism. Find out what tests they need. Due to many factors, some of which are beyond our control, we are not always aware that there may be problems with our thyroid or adrenal Read More

Dental Care – Best Foods Right for Your Teeth

Dental Care : How are Tooth Cavities Caused? Eating well can help prevent the two most common dental problems: tooth decay and gum disease. Tooth decay (which eventually leads to tooth decay) is caused by the accumulation of bacteria in the mouth. This bacteria comes from the food you eat and acts on the sugar in the food. (This is Read More

Acne – Causes and Symptoms

Acne : Acne (acne vulgaris) is a common skin disease that affects nearly 100 million people worldwide. Regardless of age, acne is more common in adolescents. This is because new pores are easily clogged under the skin. This of course does not rule out how acne affects women and men, because people of all ages and skin types all over Read More

High Cholesterol – Causes, Symptoms & Treatments

High Cholesterol : More than 100 million Americans suffer from high cholesterol. Bile is derived from the Greek word “bile”. This mucus is produced in the liver and is very important for the health and function of the human body. Cholesterol has many functions in the body and exists in the outer layer of every human cell. Its functions include: Read More

Diabetes – Good Nutrition for Diabetes

Diabetes : In the United States, more than 23 million people suffer from diabetes, which occurs when the body cannot produce enough insulin or is not using it properly. Instead of entering the cell sugar will accumulate in the body. This can cause many serious health problems. Including kidney and heart diseases. After being diagnosed with diabetes, patients may think Read More