Arthritis – The Best Healing Power Food

Arthritis – The Best Healing Power Food

Arthritis and joint inflammation often cause other diseases. When arthritis invades the body, the joints become inflamed and painful. At the same time exercise is more difficult. Lack of exercise will not only increase weight. But it also increases cholesterol, blood pressure, etc.

There is no panacea or cure for arthritis. The best result is a change in diet and lifestyle. Several anti-arthritis drugs have been found to reduce the amount of selenium in the body. There are also some foods that should be avoided because they can worsen joint pain and inflammation.

Best to stay away from food

Reduce the saturated fat content of red meat and other foods. This raises cholesterol and is related to cartilage damage in patients with osteoarthritis. Refined and artificial sweets It is found in many foods, candies and other snacks.

It causes the body to release cells that increase inflammation. Studies have also shown that aspartame and saccharin can cause significant weight gain. When sugar is related to daily food and drink, this also applies to anyone with arthritis. Stay away from refined foods, such as frozen foods, boxed cereals, snacks, sweetened yogurt, fried bananas, etc.

Too much salt, especially table salt, can draw water into your cells and damage your joints. This will swell and worsen the joints. Use salt sparingly and only use natural, unrefined salt such as rock salt, Himalayan salt or sea salt. Avoid feeding any kind of fish. Instead, use wild-caught fish.

This is because farmed fish is an unhealthy food, such as soybean pellets. Used in combination with many antibiotics to control diseases caused by overcrowded conditions, under these conditions, they are fed the best edible fish Alaskan salmon that is free of toxins and rich in omega-3 fatty acids. For reducing joint inflammation and improving mobility, omega-3 is one of the best. And you cannot get enough omega-3.

Healing food

Creams, gels and oils often undermine this effort. Only a few types can help change your diet. Only eating the right foods in nature can give you health and painless benefits.

There are many natural compounds in food that can be used as antidepressants, such as anticancer agents. Thrombolytic drugs, cholesterol-lowering drugs, insulin regulators, and other anti-inflammatory painkillers for severe arthritis.

These natural remedies were forgotten and left unknowingly. Take medicine for any disease or pain. It turns out that it is too easy and there is no cure. We become addicts and drug addicts.

Clinical studies have shown that most berries and vegetables contain natural painkillers and joint healing agents. They are the richest source of natural anthocyanins. This is a group of antioxidants called flavonoids, which have special anti-inflammatory properties.


Berries-the best painkiller!

Blueberries, raspberries, strawberries, blackberries and cherries are more effective than aspirin and other painkillers. For joint pain and no side effects! Berries protect your joints with high vitamin content. These berries provide cell protection and prevent free radical molecules from damaging cell membranes, DNA and joint tissues. Scientists conducted a study to test the effects of berry and cherry extracts on arthritis patients.

They found that these participants felt great relief. In less than three months, most of the participants’ pain disappeared. One of them stopped using the extract and the pain returned within a few weeks.

Another thing that is equally important and offers another option is dark yellow orange turmeric powder. For thousands of years, it has been one of the most valuable therapeutic substances. The phytonutrients in this plant act quickly on the immune system, helping to relieve pain and restore joint flexibility.

Inflammation from all these types of arthritis is an early symptom of the disease. This can cause severe pain, swelling and redness in the joints. Getting food for arthritis is very important.

You will feel happy and comfortable in this type of action: switch to a natural diet without side effects.

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