11 Ways to Fun Being Pregnancy

11 Ways to Fun Being Pregnancy

11 Ways to Fun Being Pregnancy :

1. Take lots of pictures

I took a lot of pictures and booked pictures of pregnant women, especially for the first time during pregnancy. That was a very special moment in my life. When you find yourself on the threshold of a completely different existence. This is an exciting time in life, full of magic. It will disappear before you realize it. Therefore, it is best to record the wonderful moments. As much as you can when you find pictures of childbirth in the next few years. You seem to have another life. Once again without your precious child. Photos will remind you when you think you know everything and life becomes easier. If this is not your first child, please include your eldest child in your maternity photo. In the years to come, everyone will be happy to see them.

2. Give in to your cravings

Sweet and sour soup, around 1 in the morning? Maybe it’s a strange fruit you’ve tasted on vacation but never discovered? Maybe ice cream and kimchi will be your last favorites. When your partner must find all the content. It’s a child after all, not you. So how to reject the child? Make good use of it will only be useful a few times in your life!

3. Get your 3D ultrasound

There is nothing more exciting than watching your little one get ready! Marriage-You can track your baby’s development from pregnancy to full development. These memories will last a lifetime, and it is a wonderful combined experience. It is even worth buying a 4D ultrasound (where you can get the video) before your baby is born.

4. Get out of doing stuff

This is when you need not only think about yourself. But also think about the bread in the oven. Don’t lift heavy objects. Don’t stand for a long time. Don’t use chemicals for cleaning. In fact, make the most of the current situation and get rewards! Make sure everyone knows you are waiting. You can say goodbye to public transportation. Queuing in restaurants or other places is possible. Stop at the position of the pregnant woman. you deserved!

5. Get away from work

Leaving work Once your financial and professional circumstances permit it, let it stop working! Babies do not need to be rejected due to work troubles and boss cries. Although you will have to continue working until the end of the pregnancy. Do as little as possible, and blame your children for your decreased productivity. No one said anything, they were all there. Or go there.

11 Ways to Fun Being Pregnancy
11 Ways to Fun Being Pregnancy

6. Pick up a new hobby

This may be because she did not go to work at the end of her pregnancy. So she has some free time. Maybe now is a good time to learn something new.. Try something, knit, or do a project that you often put on hold because you don’t have time.

7. Sleep

This may not be fun, but you hope that once the baby is born and falls asleep, you can sleep for the rest of your life.

8. Plan and decorate the baby’s room

Hire professionals or create and run your own projects. Choose a theme: safari, ocean, jungle, etc. Be creative and use baby products. Don’t wait too long before you start decorating, but you will want to enjoy the process. Sexual ultrasound can help you choose colors and designs.

9. Reading a book/watching a movie

Do you remember the book you always wanted to read? Or a movie you’ve never seen before. Well, it’s time. In a few months. You will spend every moment without a newborn. Fall asleep in an unusual place Enjoy and watch some movies!

10. Be silly

No one will judge! Get henna tattoos or casts on your belly. It’s interesting now, it will be something worth remembering. In the end, it will quickly slip away from you. So you should have fun while it passes.

11. Enjoy yourself

Continue the party and enjoy a cocktail or two. Absolutely non-alcoholic. It’s amazing how many different juices can be mixed. When you are the only person who doesn’t drink alcohol and can watch drunken friends talking nonsense, this is also a completely different kind of fun.

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