10 effective ways to motivate yourself to exercise

10 effective ways to motivate yourself to exercise

10 effective ways to motivate yourself to exercise :

Most likely, due to the obstruction of the coronavirus, the motivation to exercise at home is lower than the motivation to exercise at the gym. You were distracted at home and someone interrupted you. The TV show attracts your attention. There are other shocks. There are a lot more

What are you going to do?

How to avoid these interruptions? How do you motivate yourself to exercise regularly and correctly?

An important question to ask yourself is, to what extent do you want to achieve your health and fitness goals?

It’s easy to motivate yourself to exercise. answer this question. Concentrate and think carefully. Remember what you want to achieve and repeat it again. The most important thing is to reiterate why you want to achieve this goal.

Why keep in shape and healthy?

Why is there the power to pursue your goals until you achieve them? Even if you exercise at home in these limited circumstances.

How much do you want from the goal? It will determine the intensity of your motivation.

This power will motivate and guide you to achieve your goals firmly. Regardless of challenges, failures, resistance, encounters, distractions, interruptions, gaps, or anything else.

How to stay motivated is no longer a problem!

I remember a friend set a goal he was very excited about. In order to achieve this goal, he talked for several days and day after day. What does this mean to him, and how does he want to achieve it in six months or less?

A few months later, my friend Bill pulled me away. I saw him melancholy and depressed. He also told me how disappointed he was that his goal had not been achieved.

“Goal, what purpose? My answer is true, he has completely forgotten. This is not what Bill wants to hear.

“You know my goal is to get a carved and toned beach puppet,” Bill reminded me, his tone full of failure and frustration.

“Oh, I thought you were joking. We think you have changed your mind because I never saw you go to the gym again,” I replied, perhaps ironically.

So what happened here? What happened to the billing file? Where is your motivation?

At first, Bill was excited about his new goal, which is to make his beach figure fit and toned. He is full of motivation and determination to achieve this goal. “I’ll be fine anyway,” these were the last words he said to me.

I usually go to the gym four to five days a week. He drinks protein shakes, supplements, and always asks his personal trainer about his exercise plan and daily activities.

He is happy with his progress.

However, in the third month, he started going to the gym twice a week. In the middle of the third month, he began to go to the gym once a week.

His dilemma is that he does not understand why his motivation to chew gum and exercise was reduced to once a week in the second trimester.

“At first he was full of enthusiasm and motivation. I felt that nothing could stop me,” he explained very confused.

So what happened? Where is your incredible and unstoppable motivation?

On closer inspection, Bill does not seem to be motivated because he is not so passionate about color correction.

He is not really interested in having a corpse on the beach. In fact, whenever he saw someone, he would make fun of someone who went to the beach. One to go on holiday

Interesting point, right? Do you understand what is going on?

His goal is just the fleeting “desire”

In other words, he didn’t want to be compact enough. If he has love, no matter what challenges he faces, he will continue to exercise.

Bill was in a dilemma between the two ideas.

The first said, “Yes, I need a fit body. But his second controversial idea is that, “Of course, but you can live without it.” You laugh at the slim people on the beach. Now, do you want one? come on! “

Who’s winning?

His conflicting ideas have an advantage.

Look, Bill must have “liked” a fit body. But he did not turn this desire into a firm goal.

The idea of ​​a stronger body is still just an idea or a wish. As a result, the once powerful motivation was weakened to the point that it no longer existed.

If he sets it as a solid goal, he will pursue it. No matter how tired or busy he is, he will be motivated to pursue this goal.

Ultimately, this is his goal. And must reach the goal

Passion ignites inner desire to keep motivated to achieve various goals.

Passion is the fuel that keeps you highly positive.

When you understand what excites you. When you understand why you want to be healthy and fit. Encouraging yourself to exercise becomes a problem of getting up and going.

Regardless of setbacks and obstacles, your motivation to persevere will be ruthless and powerful.

This is a dead end that all of us must face. I’ve listed below 10 effective ways to motivate yourself to exercise: Over time. No matter what the interference, your motivation will be stimulated. Or interrupt

Motivation opportunities motivate you to act consistently every day to achieve your goals and stay on track.

The top 10 ways to stay motivated are listed below. All you have to do is to change your strategy:

10 effective ways to motivate yourself to exercise
10 effective ways to motivate yourself to exercise

1. Re-plan your health and fitness goals

You are now in isolation mode. Just because you have goals does not mean you will achieve them. Your attention is focused on the distractions of going to the gym. Feel frustrated and always ask: “How can I stay motivated when I’m distracted?” How can I stay motivated without getting along with others? How to exercise and many other similar questions will inevitably be misled.

As we saw in Bill, you need a clear, concise, and conflict-free goal.

It’s useless to just hope you have some kind of puppet.

Just trying to lose weight is of no avail.

Just wanting to run a marathon is of no avail.

Exercise is related to the pleasure of getting a plump, round body shape.

This is a big goal to be achieved. At least now you exercise at home instead of in the gym.

So, how can you follow a home exercise plan? Use a stable chair to jump jacks, planks, triceps flexion and extension? Think about it and plan that it doesn’t have to be static. Constantly adjust until you find a suitable plan

You may experience “self-control distraction”, constantly arranging time while exercising with those around you. Ask them to respect their practice time.

2. Emphasize the fun of exercise, not just exercise

An effective way to maintain motivation for exercise is to focus on the excitement and happiness that exercise brings.

Endure the physical discomfort caused by exercise at home and see the end result. Remember the reason you exercised in the first place.

And a stronger emotional impulse is to look in the mirror after training.

See and feel how beautiful he is. This is a good motivation.

3. Reward yourself

When you work out in the gym, you will reward yourself for a good workout. Like it or not? Otherwise i should

You are exercising at home now. More importantly, reward yourself after each workout.

Make a list of rewards

Take care of you

4. Follow the plan as much as possible

As we said in the first step, planning is very important now, and following the final plan is vital to your sports success.

If your motivation to exercise decreases, sometimes even disappears, this is the beginning of your great discipline and reasoning.

Discipline motivates you to exercise.

Let the great things be your strength. “Exaggerate”; motivate you. This “shoulder conversation” will guide you on how to stay motivated during exercise.

And throughout the entire detention

5. Quality is more important than quantity

This is the key. Just because you are at home and not in the gym does not mean that the quality of your exercise will be affected.

Don’t compromise and pay less.

Don’t risk what you already have.

Indeed, you may need to adjust your exercise at home. Admittedly, motivating yourself to exercise may be problematic (in the beginning), and the quality of the exercise can indeed be tolerated.

If so, find a solution to get the best quality from each workout. Complete every exercise wholeheartedly

This is a quality issue, not a quantity issue.

6. Set goals for training at home

Break down your ultimate goal into smaller, achievable milestones. If you want, you can do it once a week. If your goal in the gym is 100 push-ups, and you have trouble doing it at home for some reason. Divide it into steps that can be done, do as many as possible at home, and increase to 100.

Start with small things and see what you can and can’t do. And try to find a better way

It will definitely keep you motivated.

7. Find training partners

Staying motivated can sometimes be difficult. If you encounter this situation, please consider finding a training partner who will work with you and keep you motivated. You can also encourage and motivate them.

What a great win-win exchange.

8. Music keeps you alive

If finding a workout partner is challenging for you, or if that person cannot be with you as often as you would like (even on Facetime), hire your other fitness partner-your music playlist.

For many people, listening to music can be a motivation for exercise.

Are you one of them?

Otherwise, please consider this method.

You may be surprised that your favorite music is so refreshing. Where to stay motivated, where to stay motivated for exercise.

For some people, they exercise more and more. Because they are impressed by the beats of their favorite songs.

9. The wonderful distractions you will enjoy

When we do, it’s a distraction method that I think you will like. Do all or part of your exercise while watching your favorite TV shows.

This will be a pleasant distraction, so you don’t have to exercise at home instead of in the gym.

If your aerobic exercise is “boring” at home, it can be distracting. This distraction eliminates boredom, don’t you think?

10. Celebrate

Make celebrating your achievements a priority. You can celebrate the end of each exercise. You can celebrate the success of each milestone. You can celebrate a specific training every week.

Celebrate the fact that you are actually exercising at home. Don’t be discouraged by the closing of the gym.

List the reasons to celebrate and enjoy each celebration.

here. Here are 10 effective ways to motivate yourself to exercise and stay motivated in the event of an accident.

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